90-Day Healthy Hair Challenge

The Bear Fruit Hair


Bear Fruit Hair wants to challenge you to treat your hair differently for at least 90 days, making the health of your hair a priority.     Decide that you’ll commit to using healthy hair care practices over the next 90 days at minimum, be prepared to gain new insight and to change your mentality about what creates healthy hair, and watch your hair flourish. Choose the commitment of creating and maintaining healthy hair by committing to Bear Fruit Hair’s Moisture Challenge.  With the heavy heat and dryness of summer, now’s a perfect time to start!   The focus is on moisture as the essential element in creating healthy hair – no matter the environment, moisture is a must! But with that comes the challenge of discarding any other elements that remove moisture from strands and that prevent moisture from getting into strands. Are you up for it?   You can start this challenge by deciding that now’s the time to make steps toward a healthy hair lifestyle.   The Challenge includes:

  • Our 90-Day Moisture Challenge package guaranteed to moisturize any hair type in any environment. While there are various products we create that are specific to different hair types and environments, we’ve put our original products together as a package, formulated for ALL hair types in any environment, that are GUARANTEED to bring you the maximum in moisture. That way, there’s no additional guesswork for you. We want to make learning all the other aspects of hair care much, much easier for you. (Later on as you learn, you’ll understand how to select various products based on your hair needs and other factors throughout life. We REALLY seek to educate and empower you to choose the right products for you on a lifelong basis!)
  • Helpful education and advice from us anytime you need it over the 90 days. A few days each week, we’ll email you great information on the habits that go into creating healthy hair, that way you can incorporate the steps into your lifestyle at an easy pace. If you have questions about anything else, email us at info@bearfruithair.com anytime, or submit questions on our Facebook page, and we’ll answer ‘em!
  • Share the knowledge you gain, and your results with others! We don’t want to leave anyone out of the great insight we’ve gained, so let’s care for the healthy hair of others too!
  • A savings off our regular pricing. We’ve priced our challenge package at less than $75 – that’s a savings of almost $10!

You can also find these details at: http://www.bearfruithair.com/90-day-healthy-hair-challenge