BFH’s Top 10 (or So)


  1. We have pretty awesome customer service.                                
  2. We love our customers, because they’re awesome, and because they inspire us to do even greater things.
  3. We create the kinds of great products that come to those who wait. With a customization company, you may not get quickest shipping – you get a different kind of product.
  4. The Bear Fruit Hair focus is different  – we hit dry strands hard with moisture and healthy ingredients. Dry hair should be scared of us. You shouldn’t be scared of us. You should love us.
  5. We’re the only company in the world that lets you customize your hair care products.
  6. People love our standard formulations – read some of our philosophy to see why we make the products that we do.
  7. We stick to natural-based, simple ingredients, because we believe it’s easier to keep your hair healthy and your mind knowledgeable about what’s in your hair.
  8. Our products are food – for the hair. We believe that your hair is as unique as you are – it’s got its own needs and preferences. Your hair should go on a diet from some products and onto a steady diet of healthy fruit – Bear Fruit.
  9. Our customers are naturalists, health nuts, and frou-frou shoppers as well as frugal-minded shoppers who demand affordable, quality products that create great-looking hair. They’re pretty cool people who make our mission fun. 
  10. Our staff is located throughout the world, and we ship our products to customers EVERYWHERE in the world.
  11. Our team are God-given wonders – they’re pretty amazing folks. Connect with us.
  12. We focus on products that moisturize and protect hair. Are our products the best in the industry? Yep, they are.
  13. We also customize skin moisturizing products (one of our best-kept secrets).