If you’re excited about promoting our corporate brand using your skills, you may be just the right person to work at Bear Fruit Hair.


Our internships give you the opportunity to¬† gain experience working within a company, and ultimately to further your career goals by being able to assimilate into full-time employment. At Bear Fruit Hair, we’re looking for people wanting to be part of a great team and a family environment.


Internships are a great way for us to meet our diversity objectives.

  • Most positions allow you to work remotely
  • Part-time, unpaid
  • Apply on a rolling basis

We look for visionaries with ‘buildership’ qualities (kind of like leadership). Our success should be raised another level with each member that we add to our great team – that’s how much we believe in you!


Some of the skills we look for:

  • Graphic design
  • Blog/Article writers and researching
  • Video production/Animated presentation
  • Web development

Length of time – We may have interns work on specific projects for lengths of time from weeks to many months. Our program is tailored in the same way that our products are – customized to both your and our needs. We understand that students may be required to perform semester-long internships, and can help you meet those standards. We’re glad at the opportunity to mentor qualified individuals.


Completing a successful internship with us will allow you to take with you:


  • Experience working with teams and deadlines
  • Associates (us) to add to your professional network (we’ll be your champions)
  • Experience contributing your input into our strategic directions
  • And more!

Inquire with your resume at