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{ August 21st, 2014 }

Managing Ethnic Hair In Humidity

Printer friendly version  Humidity causes a lot of havoc for many people with natural hair. Here are ways of maintaining your hairstyle regardless of the humidity you might have to deal with.    Caring for natural hair in humidity: Choose […]

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{ August 19th, 2014 }

Long Natural Hair Growth

Printer friendly version  Growing healthy, natural long hair can be easier said than done. An average human being’s hair grows about 2.5 centimeters (about an inch) every two months.   Here are some tips to make sure that your hair […]

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{ August 14th, 2014 }

Long Hair the Natural Way

Printer friendly version  Hair loss happens – and when it does, it can be embarrassing and difficult to deal with. So much more goes into caring for your hair than just putting the right products on it. Dietary issues (lack […]

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{ August 12th, 2014 }

Healthy Hair Without Breakage

Printer friendly version  We all know that all different kinds of hair are prone to breakage for a variety of reasons. Some reasons include vitamin deficiency, dryness of hair and poor styling techniques. African-American and ethnic hair is more vulnerable […]

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{ August 7th, 2014 }

Healthy Hair Musings

Printer friendly version  With all the topics about the best hair products for ethnic hair and bad hair care, it is challenging to determine what your hair needs. Bad hair has the ability to ruin your entire day – don’t […]

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{ August 5th, 2014 }

Healthy Hair Care Recipes

Printer friendly version  When it comes to your hair care routine, conditioning is essential to maintaining beautiful, soft and voluminous hair for a longer time. Women no longer need expensive products to care for their hair, especially because there are […]

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{ July 31st, 2014 }

Conditioning Ethnic Hair With Natural Oils

Printer friendly version  Conditioning your ethnic hair requires you to understand how conditioners work, and knowing the right applications to make your hair shiny, healthy, smooth and soft. Whether your hair is short or long, conditioning your ethnic hair is […]

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{ July 28th, 2014 }

Conditioning Ethnic Hair

Printer friendly version  Conditioning African American hair can be quite different from European or Asian hair because of the contrasting hair textures. There are many special products created specifically for the African American community to take the best care of […]

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{ July 24th, 2014 }

Black Hair Care Tips

Printer friendly version  As black women, we’re forever dealing with the process of trying to grow new hair, or revitalize hair in general. We’re always trying to come up with new ways to help our hair grow faster. Most of […]

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{ July 22nd, 2014 }

Why We Moisturize

Printer friendly version  Moisturized hair looks healthy and shines. If you have ethnic hair, you don’t have to let it dry out as there are some natural products you can apply to give your hair some much needed moisture. When […]

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