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{ June 24th, 2014 }

Are Braids Healthy For Natural Hair?

Printer friendly version Braids and Natural Hair Many people believe braids help hair grow long and healthy, and that they are a great protective style that helps your hair maintain its length.   You should be aware that African American […]

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{ June 20th, 2014 }

African American Hair – Going Natural

Printer friendly version Going Natural In case you haven’t noticed, many women with natural hair are now going back to their natural ethnic hair state: kinky, curly, and wavy. In reality, this is not a trend; going back to our […]

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{ June 17th, 2014 }

African American Hair Texture

Printer friendly version  African-American hair texture is typically kinky and can have a coarse texture. It takes specialized hair care products to make sure that black, kinky hair is managed well and able to show its best.   Celebrities Naomi […]

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{ May 20th, 2013 }

International Natural Hair Meetup Day Rocked!

Printer friendly versionBear Fruit Hair, along with others, was featured at this sold-out event Saturday, May 18, 2013. Hundreds of naturalistas (and a few gentleman with hair to die for!) swooped to Mijana Restaurant in Tempe for a day of […]

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{ July 31st, 2012 }

Shea Customization Sale!

Printer friendly versionShh…it’s a sale on shea. Today through this Thursday, 8/2/12, Bear Fruit Hair is having fun with our customizations. Create a healthy conditioner with shea butter in it, and for a short time, we’ll give you $2 off […]

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{ June 21st, 2012 }

Need a Stylist in Atlanta?

Printer friendly versionAtlanta customers: Need a stylist in your area who uses Bear Fruit Hair products? Terae DeWitt’s profile: Showcased for print ads, television networks, weddings, high profile runway shows, corporate women’s images, and others, Terae specializes in the ultimate […]

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{ June 7th, 2012 }

Bear Fruit Hair in France!

Printer friendly versionThis international beauty loves Bear Fruit Hair’s Flowers & Fruits Leave-In daily moisturizer – bienvenue¬†√† France!   Read about her at

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{ May 23rd, 2012 }

Detangling Technique

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{ May 23rd, 2012 }

Let’s Talk About Braids

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{ May 22nd, 2012 }

Tips: Conditioner

Printer friendly versionSome people skip the conditioning step after shampooing, for various reasons, such as not wanting to weigh down the hair or, in the case of kids, getting them to sit still. While there’s no wrong or right, a […]

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