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{ July 24th, 2014 }

Black Hair Care Tips

Printer friendly version  As black women, we’re forever dealing with the process of trying to grow new hair, or revitalize hair in general. We’re always trying to come up with new ways to help our hair grow faster. Most of […]

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{ July 22nd, 2014 }

Why We Moisturize

Printer friendly version  Moisturized hair looks healthy and shines. If you have ethnic hair, you don’t have to let it dry out as there are some natural products you can apply to give your hair some much needed moisture. When […]

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{ July 15th, 2014 }

Natural Healthy Hair Tips

Printer friendly version  In the modern world, people spend millions of dollars buying shampoos to use on their hair. They usually expect greater results but that is not always the case. The results got are different from what people see […]

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{ July 10th, 2014 }

Natural Hair Care

Printer friendly version  We all want to have good hair – who wouldn’t? Great hair is attractive and it gives you more confidence. With so many chemicals on the market today, there’s definitely a need to locate natural products you […]

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{ July 8th, 2014 }

Healthy Skin For a Healthy Scalp

Printer friendly version  Beautiful hair is a sign of vitality, good health and beauty. The start of healthy hair begins with having a healthy scalp. A well-maintained scalp can ensure that natural hair grows goes more smoothly. Maintaining healthy skin […]

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{ July 4th, 2014 }

Healthy Hair Care Recipes

Printer friendly version  When it comes to your hair care routine, conditioning is essential to maintaining beautiful, soft and voluminous hair for a longer time. Women no longer need expensive products to care for their hair, especially because there are […]

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{ July 1st, 2014 }

Is a Receding Hairline Normal In Natural Hair?

Printer friendly version  Are you suffering from a receding hairline or a form of baldness? You might be wondering what went wrong with your hair. Losing a section of your hair can be a frustrating thing, especially if you are […]

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{ June 27th, 2014 }

Ethnic Hair Care Tips 101

Printer friendly version Hair Care 101 Whether you are wearing your ethnic hair in its natural state or wearing it straight, constant maintenance is important. Although there are many things that need to be done to keep your ethnic hair […]

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{ June 25th, 2014 }

We value your feedback!

Printer friendly versionI’m so grateful for these four sentences from Lori, a BFH customer:   “Macadamia Ginger Conditioner is my “go to” for deep conditioning. It is the perfect moisturizing deep conditioner for my hair and makes my scalp feel […]

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{ June 24th, 2014 }

Are Braids Healthy For Natural Hair?

Printer friendly version Braids and Natural Hair Many people believe braids help hair grow long and healthy, and that they are a great protective style that helps your hair maintain its length.   You should be aware that African American […]

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