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{ August 1st, 2011 }

What’s Stopping You? (From Going Natural)

Printer friendly versionWhat’s Stopping You? Summer is almost over and I have been speaking to women every day who are still battling with the idea of going natural. Surprisingly, I’ve met more women who have actually been natural, but who […]

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{ July 28th, 2011 }

Going Natural? New Book

Printer friendly versionNew Book: Secrets of Going Natural – A Hair-Raising Revelation Author: Zenobia Jackson   Part personal journey of the author, Secrets of Going Natural presents a historical and spiritual perspective on afro-textured, natural hair, revealing why many African […]

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{ July 6th, 2011 }

The Children of Natural Parents: Do They Really Have A Choice?

Printer friendly version  Those of us who are natural are proud of ourselves and of this newly found freedom.  We try to “convert the world”, being freed from the grip of the ‘creamy crack’ and other chemicals, heat appliances and […]

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{ June 23rd, 2011 }

Cute Cut!

Printer friendly version Tawana sent us her hair pics – she looks fabulous here! Update from Tawana: “My hair has grown an inch or two since that photo was taken in March.  I am still using Bear Fruit and STILL […]

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{ June 8th, 2011 }

‘SASSAFRAS’ – An Introduction

Printer friendly versionby Benicia Thompson Follow her @SimplyB23 Ladies, it’s no longer called “The Big Chop”. Let me introduce you to a new celebration called “Sassafras”. Meet Kim V. She decided after years of being tied to chemicals and hot […]

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{ June 2nd, 2011 }

Hair History and a Wedding Story (Sort Of)

Printer friendly version  Karen uses Bear Fruit Hair products for daily moisturizing and weekly conditioning. Bear Fruit Hair creates customized hair and skincare products, and will be providing customized hair conditioners, skin lotions and oils as wedding favors and gifts […]

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{ May 31st, 2011 }

Bear Fruit Hair’s Original FB Page Hacked

Printer friendly version  In a nutshell, the original Bear Fruit Hair Facebook page was hacked months ago, along with thousands of other business pages (including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s). We  have since created a new ‘Official’ page  at:

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{ May 27th, 2011 }

Bored of Great Products?

Printer friendly versionA couple weeks ago, I took a leap. I haven’t wanted to admit to anyone that I was getting bored of…the perfect products for me. I didn’t mind admitting it to myself – I’m pretty honest with myself, […]

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{ May 26th, 2011 }

Bold Femininity or Bald Faded?

Printer friendly versionChoosing one side or the other with this subject is like placing a feather on a scale and expecting it to move.  However, here’s my attempt to weigh in on the matter… It takes extreme courage (or craziness […]

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{ May 26th, 2011 }

Spiritual Connection to Hair: The Great Debate

Printer friendly versionSome people will tell you that the reason they’ve gone natural was because their best friend, sister, cousin, or favorite You Tuber inspired them. Seeing the results of someone else’s hair health (and growth), you must admit, is […]

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