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{ October 9th, 2014 }

Working With Head Wraps

Printer friendly version  Hair wrapping is something most of us do to prevent hair products from staining clothing and bedding. For many of us, the nightly tight wrap is necessary to protect our hair and to make sure the products […]

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{ October 7th, 2014 }

Why We Moisturize

Printer friendly version  Moisturized hair looks healthy and shines. If you have ethnic hair, you don’t have to let it dry out as there are some natural products you can apply to give your hair some much needed moisture. When […]

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{ October 2nd, 2014 }

Why Use Natural Hair Products?

Printer friendly version  Going natural can help you discover the secret to great hair. Natural simply means treating your hair without hair chemicals. As women, our hair brings out the true beauty in us – so why not take care […]

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{ September 30th, 2014 }

Why Should You Condition Natural Hair?

Printer friendly version  Ethnic natural hair needs to be well taken care of to prevent hair from becoming dry, lifeless and brittle, which may eventually lead to hair loss. To prevent this, African American women need to be especially careful […]

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{ September 25th, 2014 }

Using Black Hair Products

Printer friendly version  Using organic hair products for African American hair, particularly transitioning natural ethnic hair is important because the effects of synthetic chemicals can be hard on ethnic hair. When looking for organic products, it is especially important to note […]

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{ September 23rd, 2014 }

Tips for Customizing Black Hair Care Products

Printer friendly version  Does healthy hair just happen? Unfortunately, no. Healthy ethnic hair happens as a result of judicious care. If you personally do not know where to start, no worries, we have just the tips for you!   Simply […]

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{ September 16th, 2014 }

Strategy for Transitioning Natural Hair

Printer friendly version  Before transitioning to natural ethnic hair, you should keep in mind that the process won’t happen for you overnight. If you’re patient enough, the beautiful, natural hair you end up with will be well worth it. It […]

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{ September 11th, 2014 }

Natural Recipes for All Hair Types

Printer friendly version  As more research comes to the surface about the dangerous chemicals found in popular beauty products, more women are taking charge and creating their own at-home treatments. Store-bought moisturizing ethnic hair care treatments can be filled with […]

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{ September 9th, 2014 }

Natural Long Hair Care Tips

Printer friendly version  Natural long hair care involves applying all possible means to maintain healthy natural hair, without additives or product. Most everyone wants healthy natural hair. However, some people find it extremely hard to keep it that way.   […]

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{ September 4th, 2014 }

Natural Healthy Hair Tips

Printer friendly version  In the modern world, people spend millions of dollars buying shampoos to use on their hair. They usually expect greater results but that is not always the case. The results got are different from what people see […]

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