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We believe ingredients in hair products should be transparent. See below for a listing of most of our ingredients, and please feel free to send us your questions about any of them!


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Ginger - Contains blood circulatory agents that help stimulate hair follicles. The fatty acids contained in ginger may be suggested for hair thinning and loss.
Glycerin - A humectant (moisture attracting) ingredients made from vegetable or animal source.
Grapefruit - Rinsing your hair with grapefruit juice will strip chemical and shampoo/conditioner buildup from hair. Also leaves hair soft, and stimulates hair follicles.
Grapes - The resveratrol in grapes is a powerful antioxidant that prevents aging and oxidation, and protects hair from UV effects of the sun.
Grapeseed Oil - Light, penetrating oil rich in minerals and vitamins that give it skin regenerative properties. Provides detangling with an effective slippage quality. Grapeseed oil is good for use in high heat, and is a natural heat protectant, with a high smokepoint of 420-degrees Fahrenheit.
Green Tea - Provides UV protection, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea polyphenols applied topically are likely to slow down the development of some aging signs.