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We believe ingredients in hair products should be transparent. See below for a listing of most of our ingredients, and please feel free to send us your questions about any of them!


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Palm Fruit Kernel Oil - A highly nourishing exotic oil comparable to coconut oil, with a firmer consistency ideal for hair pomades.
Pistachio Oil - Rich in fatty acids (especially linoleic) that nourish and soften skin, and a natural emollient. A lack of linoleic acid and other omega-6 fatty acids in the diet causes dry hair and hair loss.
Preservative - The preservative we use, a combination of Phenoxyethanol (bactericide) and Caprylyl Glycol (antimicrobial moisturizer), provides protection against microbial growth in all pH levels. Paraben and formaldehyde-free.
Purified Water - Water is the ingredient found in other ingredients that is able to moisturize hair. For dry hair concerns, water should be one of the first two ingredients listed on product labels, indicating that there's a high water content.