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We believe ingredients in hair products should be transparent. See below for a listing of most of our ingredients, and please feel free to send us your questions about any of them!


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Red Wine Vinegar - The outer layer of the hair strand, the cuticle, covers the hair shaft and protects it like the bark on a tree. When the cuticle lies flat, your hair has a smooth feel and appearance, and light is able to reflect off of your hair strands, causing it be shiny. During shampooing, the cuticle opens, allowing water and nourishing herbs into the shaft, and proteins to bind to it. However, when the cuticle layers are open, the hair will feel rough, coarse and brittle, and will leave the shaft (the core of each strand’s strength and flexibility) unprotected. The hair will absorb the light rather than reflect it, which gives the appearance of dull and lifeless hair. Due to its lower pH, vinegar removes build-up and residue from the shaft and closes the cuticles. Closing the cuticles will cause your strands to have fewer tangles and more ‘slip’.
Rose Hips - Contains 80% essential fatty acids (EFAs) with antioxidants beta carotene and lycopene that aid in skin cell regeneration and helps prevent premature aging. Effective for dry and damaged skin.
Rosemary - Stimulates hair follicles and adds shine.