How We Got Started


A problem and a passion inspired BFH – the problem of mine, and others’ dry hair in Arizona, and my passion to solve it. Many of the products available in the stores in Arizona contained humectants in them that, opposite of moisturizing hair, depleted moisture from hair in the dry desert environment. Other products had chemical ingredients in them that I felt were unnecessary for healthy hair, and which would have required me to use a moisture-stripping shampoo to remove. I wanted to create products that wouldn’t build up, and that could simply be condition-washed or rinsed clean without the use of a drying shampoo.


People ask ‘Why the name Bear Fruit Hair’?

The words ‘bear/bare’ represent much to me. I wanted to create ‘bare’ products that could be easily deconstructed – I wanted natural ingredients to be the foundation of what we create, so that customers could understand what was in them more simply. I used fruits and other foods in my homemade hair concoctions, I whipped up stuff that looked deliciously edible, and I had fun putting it on my hair. That food for my hair made it grow so shiny and gorgeously, and people would ask me how I maintained my hair so beautifully. I made disciples of my friends, my mom, her friends, and our family members, who decided to grow their hair naturally using the products I made. That passion and devotion bore the fruit of more women freed from the dryness and damage of processed hair. ‘Bare’ products that are encouraging women to ‘bare’ their gorgeous, natural hair.


But let’s go to the beginning. It’s sound cliche to say it, but I know it to be true of anyone who’s been touched by Him – it’s definitely God who’s working the amazing things in our lives and in our work.


How does Bear Fruit Hair stand out from the rest?

It’s hard to determine which ingredients cause certain effects on your hair when the names of the ingredients are so scientific. While our company is a natural-ingredient based company, I’m not against unnatural ingredients – I’m just for simplicity of understanding what’s in the products I use on my hair. We’re not a styling product company; we don’t investigate which silicones will create optimal shine along with a combination of other ingredients that hope to moisturize, seal, define, and do cartwheels for you.  Our simple focus is on moisturizing strands, and helping people grow healthy hair.


Also, we’re the only company to allow people to become ‘customizers’. While I focused on creating a great product that would moisturize hair in the desert – if it could moisturize effectively in Arizona, it could moisturize anywhere in the world – the customization aspect was a must, because different hair types need different ingredients and care. We may not create the perfect product that will work for you anytime, anywhere, at any stage in life,  but we strive to provide the tools that can help you become empowered to do so. We believe in putting the power of your hair’s health in your hands – we want consumers to be educated on how to look for ingredients and products, as well as how to use them appropriately.  Our customized products can be used by any ethnicity and hair type.  We’re not putting together products from newly discovered ingredients; we’re just creating the platform for customers to create unique products themselves.


Marissa Shaffer, Founder


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