It’s Humid Here, and My Thick/Coarse, Eurasian Strands Don’t Like It.

Try this cleanser:

Conditioner – You may either not want to use conditioner at all, or you want conditioning that also blocks out further humidity. Did you know that Coconut Oil can be a natural humidity blocker? If you feel a conditioner may be right for you, try:

  • Flowers & Fruits Leave-In Conditioner – Use a small amount as a conditioner – rinsing it out afterward may be best for your strands, or feel free to leave it in as a moisturizer through the day.



If you want a moisturizer, and also want block some of the humidity in your environment, use a small amount of:

For pure moisturizing (non-humidity blocking), try any of the below:

Lavender Pomegranate Drench, Lemon Balm’er Drench, or Desert Drench