My Hair’s Eurasian-Textured, Fine, and Thankfully It’s Not Humid Here!

This is a toughie – let us think really hard…got it!


If you like traditional shampoo, try:

But in case you’d prefer using a conditioning cleanser that’s more like a creamy conditioner that moisturizes while cleansing:

Conditioner: If you feel that you need a conditioner additionally, did you know that our conditioning cleansers can be used as 2-in-1′s? That’s right – both a cleanser and a conditioner, suited well for your type of hair!

Moisturizer: If you feel that you need a moisturizer either after cleansing or conditioning, you might try using just the barest amount of the recommended cleansing conditioners below at the ends of your strands if needed – or wherever you most need it. Yep, they’re great as leave-ins too!

And if you need some pure moisture, these are great as rinses or for misting in a spray bottle: