{ July 10th, 2014 }

Natural Hair Care


We all want to have good hair – who wouldn’t? Great hair is attractive and it gives you more confidence. With so many chemicals on the market today, there’s definitely a need to locate natural products you can use to maintain beautiful, healthy hair. Bear Fruit Hair products were created with you in mind – making sure hair keeps its lustre and texture can supplement the natural growth process and help your hair look its best.


We’re excited to present you with our 90-day moisture challenge. We think you will definitely be amazed with the results! We guarantee our challenge to moisturize and revitalize virtually every hair type, in every environment! Our products are easy to apply and we’re always here to answer any questions.


Another must-have product is our African Export Leave-In. Made of all-natural Aloe Vera that adds deeply penetrating and soothing moisture, you’ll find it to be one of the top quality leave-ins available on the market.


Need moisture? Check out our new addition – Lavender Pomegranate Liquid Drench – a customer favorite!


For your natural hair growth needs, ensure you have applied Lemon Balm’er Drench at least twice daily. Soothing, moisture and cool citrus scent are great for those summer nights.


The more natural your products, the more you know about what you’re putting into your hair. Rather than going with chemicals, many people with ethic hair are turning to natural products to get the silk and shine they deserve. We’d love to help you! Please feel free to ask us any questions or send in a photo so we can recommend a product for your hair!


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