Orange Blossom Honey Rose


The scent of orange blossoms, roses and honey - pure white honey and coconut are a perfect mix of moisture-attracting and balancing for medium and thick strands. From the nectar of blossoms and roses to honey, to your strands for a hugely pampering experience.

8.45 oz


How much do we love honey? There's rosemary honey, and avocado honey, sunflower honey, orange blossom honey, lavender honey, cotton honey, lime honey, cherry blossom honey, blueberry honey, clover honey, apple blossom honey, blackberry honey...

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Medium, Coarse, Wavy, Curly
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Ingredients: BTMS, Cetearyl, Coconut Oil, Fragrance, Honey, Orange Peel, Preservative, Purified Water, Rosehips,