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Bear Fruit Hair Gift Certificate – $100

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Lavender Pomegranate Liquid Drench

Lovely lavender and pomegranate in this liquid for a delightful drench on the way to mega-moisture.


8.45 oz


If you had to pick one ultimate dream goal, what would it be?

Lemon Balm’er Drench

Moisture, soothing, and scent are the staples of this liquid drench. It’s an oil-balancer (lemon balm), because balance is important.


8.45 oz

Olives and Avocados Leave-In

If you’re looking for the deepest conditioning ever in a leave-in – well, we hate to sound cliche, but look no further. Actually, we challenge you to look further, and see for yourself how the Olivcado (as we like to call it) matches up.


8.45 oz


Shea & Olive Oil Define & Shine

Seriously protect your strands with shea while it moonlights as a great definer. And the shine that olive oil creates – it’s better than light reflecting off a bald guy’s head. It’ll seal in moisture. Which a bald guy wouldn’t need for his hair. But it would still be awesome for his scalp.


8.45 oz


What’s your favorite cause?

Maple Nut & Honey Conditioner

Maple, nuts and honey for a smoothing deep treatment. Go nutty – better yet, go nuts and honey!


8.45 oz


Did you know: Honey’s been around for more than 100 million years – it’s the only self-preserving food in existence.