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Orange Blossom Honey Rose

The scent of orange blossoms, roses and honey – pure white honey and coconut are a perfect mix of moisture-attracting and balancing for medium and thick strands. From the nectar of blossoms and roses to honey, to your strands for a hugely pampering experience.

8.45 oz


How much do we love honey? There’s rosemary honey, and avocado honey, sunflower honey, orange blossom honey, lavender honey, cotton honey, lime honey, cherry blossom honey, blueberry honey, clover honey, apple blossom honey, blackberry honey…

Sweet Treat Conditioner

So sweet! Lots of real honey and maple make this a treat for strands in need of some sweet deep conditioning. Banana helps strands retain moisture, and macadamia and olive oils deeply nourish, plus adds shine to strands. Make strands soft with deep, deep, deep conditioning.


8.45 oz

Saeede Ayurvedic Scalp Cream

Formulated to help fight very dry scalp and to stimulate it with nourishing herbs.


What’s the most intriguing question anyone could ever ask you?

Espresso Stimulating Scalp Cream

Caffeine in espresso coffee beans stimulates hair growth when used on the scalp, and prevents age-related hair loss.

360 Scalp Oil

Nourishing, highly penetrating oils that help retain moisture in your scalp – and great for all of your skin, too.

8.45 oz

Macadamia Nut Oil

Add nourishing macadamia nut oil to your leave-in, conditioner or to your skin and scalp. Highly emollient, lightweight, and one of our favorite ingredients.

8.45 oz


Name as many as you can words that begin with ‘Mac’. (Betcha didn’t know there were so many.)




Flowers & Fruits Leave-in

No wimpy tip-toeing through tulips with this one – it’s got ‘flower power’ with fruits and roots to strengthen your own roots. Put the power of your hair’s health in your hands with flowers & fruits.


8.45 oz


Fight the power with the flower.


Build me up, Buttercup

African Export Leave-In

An expert moisturizing and detangling customized concoction, this leave-in conditioner includes aloe vera, which adds deeply penetrating and soothing moisture, and castor seed oil to seal in moisture for longer-lasting strand softness.


8.45 oz

Shea Almond Coconut Aloe Leave-In

Daily moisture and conditioning with shea, coconut and aloe vera in it. Aloe vera’s name means ‘true’, and it’s related to the lily family. An aloe vera and almond-scented experience is like – ahhh…

8.45 oz



Add yours and read reviews on the Shea Almond Coconut…that’s a long name.