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Olive Moisturizer

A deeply conditioning olive oil moisturizer for strands – oil nourishment with lots…and lots, of olive oil. How much do olive this one? A lot.


8.45 oz


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Shea Almond Coconut Deep Conditioner

The scent of almond creates a thoroughly enjoyable deep conditioning experience. ‘Deep’ because of the shea butter, which prevents brittleness and breakage. And coconut oil too – can you say time-tested, all-time favorite ingredient ever? (Or you could just say ‘coconut’.)


8.45 oz


Did you hear about the world’s largest coconut orchestra?


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Macadamia Ginger Conditioner

With properties similar to mink oil and natural sebum, macadamia nut oil is a thick, highly emollient oil that’s also a powerful antioxidant. Both a stimulating and soothing conditioner, your strands are in for a treat! Also, natural detangling of marshmallow. Ginger is another one of our favourite ingredients.


8.45 oz


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Pistachio Dream Cream

Deep conditioning with shea butter (a brittleness fighter!) makes your strands flexible, and the emollience of pistachio oil makes your strands feel as smooth as you’ve ever hoped for.


8.45 oz


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