Who Our Customers Are


Our dream is to provide the ability for people of all ethnicities and hair types to create healthy hair.


Once upon a time, people had hard-to-moisturize hair that was damaged and breaking off. They needed affordable products guaranteed to moisturize hair. There were some great products out there, but they could only be used in certain environments, or during certain seasons. There were even some almost-perfect products – but they had one or a few ingredients that didn’t quite work for the unique needs of each’s hair. And some other products weren’t so great – they made hair look and feel nice, but blocked daily moisture and real health. People were stuck using one-size-fits-all products – but each knew that their hair was unique. What were they to do?


Then came Bear Fruit Hair, natural-ingredient products focused on moisture and the health of your hair. People were able to create their own products if they wanted, made for their environments and hair types. People were happy now that they could achieve healthy hair in a more simplified way, with products uniquely customized for them. Yay!


Our customers are health-conscious, eco-friendly, busy folks who want affordable products that work. They want the ability to maintain curly hair that’s tough to keep moisturized, and products that are healthy for them. Our customers are authentic freedom-seekers who feel that they should be in control of their health and their hair; they’re opinionated, purposeful, and proud to be highly unique.  They share great things in their lives with people they value, and are excited about life.  Our customers know a good product when they see one, and we believe in creating great products for them.


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