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1/2/1 with Andy Dawson – The Barber Magazine

Andy Dawson of Menspire Academy tells us about his experience with education and training, as well as a little about himself and what he’s able to offer to the barbering industry.

Andy, recently hitting that milestone of 21, has been cutting hair since he was 16 and left school. He declined five different university offers, deciding to persue his one true passion, hair.

In the year 2018, Andy had reached the age of 18 and made the incredible achievement of opening his very own Menspire Salon after building up a strong, sturdy relationship with the Menspire brand. In 2019, Andy won the prestigious SHABA (Scottish Hair and Beauty Awards) Scottish Barber of the year.

Andy explains how this has led him to many more opportunities since the remarkable feat: “Since then I have had experience doing various stage shows such as Pro Hair live, The Great British Barber Bash and others. I even had the opportunity to assist Josh Lamonaca educate not only at the Menspire Academy, but internationally in places such as Brussels, Belgium and Turin, Italy.”

Having a keen interest in the development of aspiring barbers worldwide, Andy believes that one of the most important factors to focus on within the barbering industry is, in fact, education and training. This stems from his own experiences during the pinnacle of his development as a trainee barber.

The astonishing lessons he learned branched out in many ways, most notably of which is the fact that Andy is now a notable name when it comes to passing down industry knowledge. Andy goes into a little more detail: “I believe that a key factor to my rapid success and progression was due to the fact that I invested in my education and surrounded myself with the right people. Since the education I received at Menspire was so powerful, I always aspired to pass on the knowledge that I have gained and impact any student’s career in the same way.”

In 2021, albeit in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Andy was presented with an amazing opportunity for the young barber. Hard work pays off and, to this end, Josh Lamonaca offered him the role of International Education Ambassador, to which he quickly accepted.

This provides Andy with the ability to deliver Menspire Education nationwide across Scotland. He does this in the form of private one-to-one sessions and group training sessions. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to represent Menspire Education in Scotland, and it’s now my commitment to raise the standards of the industry here and help others reach new heights in their careers.”

Whether you want to raise your level through mid-length hairstyles or focus on your fading and connection to scissor work, you can be sure Andy will help you reach the next level.

Through the Menspire website, you can find out how to join Andy for some private education, where you will have the chance to get up close and personal to absorb knowledge and information from one of their most well respected educators.

The process begins by arranging a telephone or e-Mail consultation in order to gain an understanding of what you desire to work on creating a tailor-made curriculum built to fit the purpose of your learning needs. From there, the team will then present to you the schedule of the day that they understand from the initial consultation. Once both parties have agreed and confirmed you will then arrange the time schedule of the class.

If you are interested in two participants on a private education day, the price will be £799. Group training is also available with a minimum of four students at £250 per person.

You will be required to bring your own equipment to the class and, in addition, you will also receive a certificate of continual professional development after your class.

You can find Andy at Menspire Salon, 29 St Andrew Street, Aberdeen, Scotland AB25 1JA or on location available by demand.

To contact Menspire about a booking please email and leave your name and contact number.

Follow @andydawson_, @menspiresalon and @menspireacademy

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