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3 DIY Hemp Seed Oil Hair Mask Recipes

Does applying hemp seed oil to your hair offer any benefits? Various users claim it does. Thanks to the product’s hydrating qualities, it rejuvenates strands and may even facilitate faster growth. 

There are several ways to take advantage of the oil’s properties. Some find it therapeutic to incorporate it in scalp massages, while others prefer to use it as a conditioner. 

A popular option is to blend hemp seed oil with other revitalizing ingredients to make a hair mask. It serves as a deep treatment for dry strands and brings natural shine, making your tresses appear healthier. 

Store-bought hemp or cannabis infusions may be pricey, but these masks are simple to make yourself. There are various recipes available, using easily accessible ingredients. 

After trying these DIY treatments, you may even opt to cultivate hemp and autoflowering seeds to control your final product’s quality. 

Are you eager to learn how to derive the most incredible hemp oil benefits for hair? Then dive right in and discover three easy ways to take advantage of them. 

3 Ingredient Hair Mask

One way to ensure healthy hair is to use several effective products simultaneously. 

This simple two-step recipe features three hydrating ingredients: 

  • One tablespoon of hemp seed oil 
  • One tablespoon of neem oil 
  • Three tablespoons of aloe vera 


  1. Pour the aloe vera into a medium-sized plastic bowl with the neem and hemp seed oil.
  1. Stir until combined.

Saturate your strands and scalp with the mixture and leave it on for 20–30 minutes. Rinse and dry as usual. Replace your conditioner with this blend or use it in addition to your current hair care routine. 

Each ingredient in this easy recipe improves the health of your mane. Aloe vera is a deep conditioner that prevents itching and helps reduce dandruff. Neem oil’s versatile properties moisturize and stimulate the scalp. 

Users often turn to hemp for hair growth. Its hydrating properties ensure healthy hair and improve blood flow to the follicles. 

Kitchen Ingredient Hemp-Infused Hair Mask

DIY hair products don’t have to be costly. Some recipes only require adding a few pantry items to your hemp seed oil.

This hydrating mask option allows you to substitute ingredients according to what you have available. It takes ten minutes to whip up and makes enough for one use on medium-length hair. Longer tresses may require a second batch. 

Gather the following components: 

  • One medium-sized egg 
  • A half teaspoon of hemp seed oil 
  • One teaspoon of coconut oil 
  • Half an avocado 

Swap coconut oil for olive, or use a banana instead of avocado if you’re missing any items. The hair mask remains effective, provided that the quantities stay the same. 


  1. Separate the egg and whip the yolk until foamy.
  1. Mash up the avocado using a fork. It should be smooth in consistency without any lumps.
  1. Blend the egg yolk and avocado in a food processor, or whisk together until combined.
  1. Add the coconut and hemp seed oil and stir. 

To get the best results, apply the mixture to sectioned hair. Rinse off after 25–35 minutes, and style as desired. 

It may seem strange to use household items in a hair mask, but each ingredient offers your strands different benefits. The hemp oil is for scalp stimulation, while the egg yolk and avocado hydrate and add shine. Coconut oil reduces moisture loss from your tresses.

Some users enjoy adding a few drops of honey or lavender to the blend for a soothing scent and antiseptic properties. 

DIY Indulgence Hair Mask 

Is hemp oil good for hair? Yes, but so are several other products. This mask gives you the benefits of various ingredients for the ultimate pampering session. 

 To begin, find these items:

  • One medium-sized banana 
  • Five tablespoons of hemp seed oil 
  • Three tablespoons of honey 
  • Five drops of argan oil 
  • Five tablespoons of avocado oil 
  • Five to ten drops of rosemary essential oil 

Substitute the honey with agave nectar or rosemary essential oil with eucalyptus extract if you’d like. Some even choose to add a pinch of beetroot powder for its benefits to the hair and skin.


  1. Chop up the banana and puree it in a blender.
  1.  Add the rest of the ingredients to the mixture and combine for two minutes. 

For the best results, apply the hair mask to damp locks and leave it in for 30–45 minutes. Wash out the mixture with lukewarm water and follow up with an apple cider vinegar rinse to enhance shine.

Hemp-Infused Hair Care

Each person has preferences when taking care of their hair, but having a healthy scalp is usually a priority. 

Incorporate hemp seed oil for hair care into your routine to simplify the process. Each mask offers different advantages, but all three have hydrating properties that result in healthy, lustrous locks. 

Why not try one of the options above and test the results yourself?

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Jennifer Gallagher, an experienced cannabis grower at SeedSupreme Seedbank. During a 7-year career in the marijuana growing business, Jennifer has gained a high competence in this field. As far as weed is concerned, she knows it all inside out. Jennifer is an expert in pot-growing, as well as cannabis types and their effects. She’s also familiar with all legislation nuances.


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