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A Very Apocalyptic Beardsgaard Holiday Gift Guide

What to gift the bearded wildman in your life this holiday season when that wildman will presumably be staying inside an awful lot again in the next few months?

How about a curated gift pack, starting with a barber-formulated, Batavia-made all natural beard oil, and filled with other well-crafted treasures to make the long night ahead a little brighter?

Here at Beardsgaard, it is holiday tradition for us to build “character profiles,” if you will, with gift guide collections to help you find magical gifts to delight the bearded characters in your life.

Maybe it’s the abundance of Netflix this year, but if you have ever casually wondered how your crew would fare in your favorite dystopian genre flick, then this quiz is the PERFECT way to find the bearded section of that crew the perfect gift this holiday season.

Note: While we cut all sorts of folks around these parts, this year’s boxes are built around beards (gift packs for all, and a whole different quiz, can be found at our sibling shop, River Peak Apothecary). That does not mean, however, you should not take this quiz for the non-bearded children of any gender in your life, we have a character and gift pack just for them too.

What’s Their Character Quiz

1) What Apocalypse scenario would they do well in?

A: Natural Disasters

B: Zombies

C: Monsters or Aliens

D: Robots

E: System Collapse

2) Where would they set up their headquarters?

A: A cabin on an island

B: Costco

C: A mall

D: A factory

E: A tree fort

3) What sort of group would they move in?

A: With a partner

B: A small and skilled group

C: With the people they pick up along the way

D: Solo

E: With their parents, one would hope

4) The apocalypse will likely be occasional fighting for your life, with long stretches of boredom, how do they pass the time?

A: Scouting

B: Honing battle skills

C: Collecting small treasures

D: Tinkering

E: Just playing, man

5) What are they doing about food?

A: Wild foraging

B: Hunting

C: Raiding stores

D: Raiding abandoned homes

E: Looking for candy at abandoned stores

6) What’s their biggest annoyance in the apocalypse (besides the obvious, i.e. zombies)?

A: Other people

B: Scurvy because you’re surviving on mostly meat

C: Keep finding neat things, keep losing them again

D: Coffee is pretty hard to come by

E: Cartoons will be missed

Now tally up your choices, and follow the link to perfect gift pack for your person.

Mostly A: The Wanderer
Mostly B: The Barbarian
Mostly C: The Collector
Mostly D: The Mad Scientist
Mostly E: The Resistance

If you need help breaking a tie, give an extra point to answers you feel extra strongly about!

Extra special thanks to the most epic costume rental caverns of all time, just down the street at All Dressed Up Costumes

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