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This issue, we had a chat with Kaylee “TooCold Cutz”, Tampa-based educator for JRL USA who has the proud title of having two ambassadorships with Hunter 1114 & E-Z Blade Shaving Products.

Hi Kaylee. So, what can you tell me about your barbering career?

I am a fully licensed barber, cutting inside the Barber Lounge 2, owned by Drew the Barber. I have worked with him and learned under him for two years. I went to barber school in Pensacola, Florida and began my barbering career outside of three military bases in Fort Walton Beach, Florida for two years.

I knew I wanted to be GREAT, I knew I needed to be around other like-minded barbers in a large city with clientele that were willing to do whatever came to mind! I visited Tampa in 2017 and knew that this is where TooCold Cutz needed to be!

I started in Clearwater, Florida and then changed shops into Tampa. My clientele grew in a matter of months, from printing flyers, business cards, using the US postal service to mail flyers to certain zip codes… You think of it, I did it (marketing wise!) Within my first year of being in Tampa my career really started to take off! JRL USA picked me up as an ambassador, moving on quickly to become an educator. I absolutely love the brand, the company, and my teammates! Our clippers are technologically advanced and make my life as a barber much easier.

I see that you have a code for EZ-BLADE® Shaving Products. What can you tell me about this and how has it changed your career?

I have recently started with EZ-BLADE® Shaving Products! I am very excited to work with them in person in the near future. Super excited for what the future holds!

You’re based in Tampa, Florida. What can you tell me about the barbering world in Tampa?

While I was building my clientele, it wasn’t always easy being a female barber in a male-dominated industry. A lot of walk-ins not only refused, but some could be disrespectful. That’s when I realized that it had nothing to do with me, and everything to do with their own self. As my clientele grew, my talents became obvious to even the men that refused to sit in my chair prior, and my confidence blossomed into what it always was, just visible to me!

Tampa has been such a great opportunity for growing my clientele to exactly what I want. I love my clients and they love me! I don’t have to deal with disrespectful or sexist people because I am appointment only. So, if you book with me, you definitely know I’m a woman! Working in a barbershop with two other women is amazing! We have nine barbers in the Barber Lounge 2, three of us being women! It’s definitely a family-oriented shop and we all push each other to grow.

What can UK barbers learn from barbers such as yourself in Tampa?

As far as what UK Barbers can learn from American Barbers, honestly I think it’s really important for all barbers in general, whoever you are, wherever you are from, to learn techniques and styles from everyone and everywhere. We are from different backgrounds and education, but we all come together through cutting hair!

Any general thoughts you’d like to share with our readers?

Being a barber has truly changed my life. It has given me opportunities that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. It has allowed me to grow in ways that I don’t think I would’ve without being a barber. I’m so very thankful for a pair of clippers!

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