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Dean’s top five – The Barber Magazine

Dean Gleeson is the co-owner of Mengo Male Grooming, and has over 16 years’ experience in the industry. As we’re taking a look at tools and equipment this issue, Dean supplied us with his top five pieces of barber-tech he couldn’t be without.

I love all my tools, but ifI had to pick my five essentials they would be…

The Wahl Cordless Legend

They are such a versatile clipper! You can fade with them, remove bulk, shape beards, you name it, they can do it! For me, the new extended tapering arm is the game changer. It saves you having to switch between so many guards, meaning your whole cut becomes more efficient. They make cutting a really enjoyable experience.

The Wahl Detailer

I’ve used a lot of trimmers throughout my career, but nothing hits as hard and crisp as the detailers. The line-ups these things give you would make Pythagoras himself happy. They are consistently reliable, and even though they hit hard, I have no problem using them on kids or sensitive skin, as they never catch or cause irritation. My passion with hair has always been creating artwork and patterns. Using the detailers gives me the ability to literally draw in people’s hair, with minimal effort.

Wahl Finale Foil Shaver

Let’s face it, nothing makes you feel fresher than a clean skin fade, and that’s where the Finales come into a league of their own. I used to use a straight razor for my fades, but it would always be difficult to blend, and there would be the risk of irritation. The foil shaver allows me to give my clients the look they want, easily and comfortably. I’ve even got my brother shaving his head with these now, to save him time and cost on razor blades. Win-win!


Styling hair used to be something I definitely neglected. I would do a lovely trim, and then just blast it dry and chuck some product in it. I realised though, that even a perfectly executed haircut will lack structure without the foundation of a good blow dry. I’m currently using the Gama iQ Perfetto Hairdryer, and it’s awesome. It’s lightweight and compact, and the diffuser that comes with it allows you to create some great textured looks.

Cutting comb

The cleaner your sections, the cleaner the cut. This is something I was taught in my apprenticeship and it’s stuck with me throughout my whole career. I’m always going to be a clipper man, but when it comes to tools, the importance of your comb always gets overlooked. I use YS Park combs, and the retracted sectioning tooth allows you to create clean lines precisely, with ultimate control. It’s got to the point now, where my comb just feels like an extension of my hand, I literally couldn’t do my job without it!

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