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How to handle a client who thinks your prices are too high. – Barbers Only Magazine

This article was originally going to be about the audacity of a client thinking my prices were too high. Yeah, I had one of those today. He was a walk in and I told him to have a seat. He shook my hand, introduced himself and asked how much was the cut. I told him $40 and he looked  at me with that puzzled look clients give you when they think your price is too high. He told me he only had a “little” beard to cut. I immediately got into the snobby barber role and said, “Well he could get you” pointing at the rookie barber next to me.  “He can get you for $35.” The client agreed, sat down for about 50 seconds then he got up and said, “No. you can cut me.”  I politely said “No, he’s a good barber. He can get you” and I walked to the back. After sitting and thinking about what I said about a hour later, I realized I was ultimately wrong. The tone of my response and my response itself were all wrong. 
Well, here are the top 5 things NOT to say to a client who thinks your prices are too high. DONT SAY THIS!

1. Well, take your a__ to the $5 shop down the street!

2. Alright, I’ll cut it for $_.

3. They’re too high huh?!? I bet you spent $100 on some alcohol cuz you gotta be drunk!

4. Yes they are too high. Too high for broke people like you!

5. No they’re not, your income is too low!

Here are 5 things to REALLY say to a client that thinks your price  are too high. 

The first thing a client thinks when they learn the price of your service is “wow, this person doesn’t know what they’re doing.” This is because it’s human nature to think that everything should be cheaper.
This is why you have to be prepared for this reaction and have a response ready. Here are five things you can REALLY say:

1.”Our prices reflect our expertise.”

2. “We’re not in the same market as other barbershops. “
3. “Our prices reflect the value we deliver to our clients.”
4. “Our prices are based on what the market will bear.”
5. “Our prices are fair and reasonable given the value we provide our clients.”

Try these tips the next time that particular client comes to your shop. 💈😂

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