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Modern Barber Stage at Salon International

The Modern Barber Stage returned to the ExCeL London for Salon International 2022, and with a packed line-up full of innovative and inspirational barbers, the weekend was set to be a huge success. Here’s what the MB team saw…


Saturday 8 October:



Jack Eames and Stewart Roberts talked about the wonderful work that the charity does to help the homeless look good and feel better, all with the simple act of getting a haircut. Such a small thing can have a big impact on someone’s life.

Mike Taylor Education

Mike Taylor and the Great British Barbering Academy shared why barbering is a great career choice. Cheryl, Mike and Elvis showed razor cutting, clipper over comb techniques and a skin fade.


The team behind the training academy showcased “the best skin fades you’ll ever see in your life”.

Mic Damiano 

Mic Damiano took to the stage to showcase a short fade, back and sides. He wanted to create a realistic but fashionable look, focussing on technique, whilst also sharing some of his top tips about working as a barber.  Mic recommends being a barber that takes control of your client, as the moment they walk in to your barbershop, they want to feel confident in your hands. He was also very passionate about not blowing on your clippers: “Why are you putting hot breath on something that you’re going to put on their scalp? That’s not professional!”

JJ Savani 

JJ Savani shared the stage with two Vins – Vin from Leicester Barber Academy, and Vin from Roots/Co. each worked on a different look simultaneously, which all featured a fade element. Centre stage, JJ demonstrated how to integrate a freestyle into a fade. Meanwhile, the former Vin created a simple skin fade focussing on a stretched fade vs condensed fade, whilst the latter helped his model tidy up the style he has been trying to grow out. They all agreed that taking into account head shape and hair texture are vital – noting that one style will look different on every person, and that you should adjust the style accordingly.

Jarred Liddington

Jared Liddington was keen to showcase wearable, creative haircuts with colour. One of his looks was a mullet, however he tweaked the style to make sure it was both fashionable and wearable. Jarred explained that when working on a create style you don’t have to go super hard on the detail – just add a little personality. He also suggested spending time styling the hair in front of the mirror so they client can replicate it – especially if it is a new look for them.


Sunday 9 Oct

Sunday at Salon was all about embracing long hair and world class education with some of the best barbers in the industry, hosted by the brilliant Natalie Cresswell and Danny Robinson.

Sirak Kebede

Sirak Kebede, winner of Best Apprentice at the Modern Barber Awards 2022, kicked off the day, talking us through his one year journey into barbering, telling audience that working hard is the key to a successful career.


The Manifesto team demonstrated both salon friendly and editorial looks, with Tom and Matt showcasing dry cuts and Dylan displaying his wet cutting skills. Leading the show was Rino Riccio, who told us that thanks to covid he is seeing a trend in clients growing their hair long, stepping away from the skin fade trends we’ve seen over the last few years. Manifesto pride themselves on creating everyday, wearable, commercial shop looks, telling the crowd “We are not different, we just love what we do”

Barber josh.o.p

Barber josh.op told us that he is gearing up to launch a new mentoring scheme in the next few weeks, so watch this space! His advice for the crowd was that barbering is a job and a passion, going on to say: “Achieving your dreams is not an overnight thing.”

Andrea Raymond

Andrea Raymond, Wahl ambassador, was working with longer hair, and told the audience that she has also noticed a trend with customers wanting scissor cuts coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic. Since clients were able to grow out their ‘in between’ haircuts what they want has now changed with a demand for longer hair and the desire to be more adventurous.

Check back in later to find out what’s been happening on day two of the show…

You can check out the Modern Barber Stage schedule for the rest of Salon International here.

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