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Mullet Hair Women – 50 Best Mullet Hair for Women in 2022

Assuming that you didn’t know at this point, the mullet hair style pattern has by and by made a rebound, just now its resembling it’s staying put.

Generally, the mullet hair is trimmed short at the front and sides, while the hair is kept long at the back. Brought into the world in the 1970’s and made famous by the amazing David Bowie and his notable orange mullet, this style had its brilliant age in the 80’s, however unobtrusively burnt out when the 90’s hit.

Today, the mullet has gone through a cutting edge and modern update, bringing forth the stylish styles and dazzling varieties that we’ve been spotting all over, from famous boutiques to VIPs!

Extravagant yourself donning the advanced mullet? Here are some mullet styles to kick you off on too as ravishing ways you can style them, care of these well known VIPs to fill in as motivation!

Here we share the best mullet hairstyle for women. There are different types of women mullet hair. Mullet Hairstyles for girls with curly hairs most popular in this year.

  1. The Curly Mullet

A normally ideal search for those with normally wavy hair, the various layers of the mullet mix consistently into one another, emitting an easy and lighthearted stylish energy to your entire look.

2. The Shullet Style

A cross between a 90’s long shag and a 80’s mullet, the shullet is most certainly the cutting edge mullet everybody’s been going wild over about. This gentler look is stunning, more relaxed and boundlessly more straightforward to style, yes?

3. Pixie Mullet

To brandish a short hair style that is stylish and simple to style, you can’t turn out badly with the pixie mullet. Hot tip: this complimenting cut looks extraordinary on round, oval and heart-formed countenances as the finished top and longer back helps add length to the face.

4. Bowl Cut Mullet

Ideal for the strong and daring, the bowl cut joined with the mullet certainly makes for a tense and vanguard search for those needing to make a style proclamation.

5. Straight & Sleek Mullet

A modern look that is not difficult to style, a straight mullet looks similarly as hot as a wavy one, wouldn’t you say so as well? Accomplish smooth layers with your cherished hair fixing serum or splash and a styling device for a smooth look.

6. The Wolf Cut

A stylish variety of the mullet, the wolf trim is characterized by having more slow layers than the conventional mullet, bringing about a ravishing tasteful that is beating the hair drifts at the present time and you can see the reason why!

7. Textured Mullet

A rough interpretation of the mullet trim, this finished style delicately outlines the face with its disheveled layered waves, making for a stylish search for those needing a short hairdo.

8. Edgy, Bowie-Inspired Mullet

The famous Bowie mullet is certainly giving us that restless and troublemaker vibe with its hummed sides, an ideal cut for those needing an assertion making look!

9. Zendaya’s Bowie-inspired Mullet

Zendaya totally made a style explanation when she appeared her bowl cut-ish mullet at the 2016 Grammy Awards. Her light hued uneven top unobtrusively progressed into more obscure tips at the back, radiating a tense yet complex energy to her general style.

10. Miley’s Rocker Chic Mullet

An advanced interpretation of her father’s renowned mullet trim, Miley Cyrus by and by hacked up her braids for a stylish, low-support mullet style, and we can say her haircut is certainly fit for her country, rocker chick picture!

11. Halsey’s Subtle Shullet

Halsey serves us many styles with her diverse hair styles throughout the long term, yet we must say that her rendition of the shag/mullet is one of our top choices. The delicate, eyebrow-length bangs and layered, finished waves is most certainly a reviving takeoff from her standard buzz trims and bounce haircuts.

12. Kristen Stewart’s Mullet Curls

It probably won’t look it, however Kristen Stewart was most certainly donning a mullet – yet a wavy, unobtrusive one – back during her ‘Sundown’ days. The twists were prodded away from her face, giving her a new, open and delicate look.

13. Billie Eilish’s Neon Green Mullet Style

Billie Eilish most certainly knows how to make herself stand apart with the eye-getting neon green top on her straight mullet! A two-tone mullet helps give definition and profundity to the cut, particularly in current mullets where layers are unpretentious.

14. Rihanna’s Glamorous Mullet

Rihanna has brandished a tense mullet a few times throughout the long term, however this time around, she’s seen with a glammed-up mullet highlighting delicate side bangs and a wavy back – an exquisite examine sync with her Fenty Beauty line.

15. Lady Gaga’s Iconic Mullet

Back in 2019, Lady Gaga honored unbelievable David Bowie, where she styled her hair into the notable orange mullet Bowie made well known in the 70’s.

16. Scarlett Johansson’s Mullet with Flicked Ends

ScarJo without any assistance acquired the mullet back into design 2003 with her later it disappeared into shame in the 90’s. Her mullet highlighted dull roots – an advanced curve that was famous back then. The flicked closes most certainly gave her look an in vogue pizazz, as well!

17. Taraji P. Henson’s Modish Mullet

A short, disheveled look that is ideal for those looking for low-support haircuts, Taraji’s variant of the mullet is a relaxed stylish hairdo for in a hurry ladies.

18. Demi Lovato’s Chic New Mullet

Depicted as a glitz rock mullet, Demi Lovato wore a smooth, short dark mullet with miniature bangs at the iHeart Radio Music Awards and we can totally say that they shook that haircut.

19. Dolly Parton’s Iconic Mullet ‘Do

Popular for her huge hair and voluminous twists, Dolly Parton has regularly donned that notable mullet style consistently.

20. Cara Delevingne’s Sleek Mullet

Cara Delevingne hopped into the mullet pattern and appeared a platinum blonde mullet with miniature bangs for Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty undergarments show back in 2021.

21. Barbie Ferreira’s Take on the Mullet Trend

A long, wavy mullet with wispy bangs became one of Barbie Ferreira’s staple ganders toward the beginning of 2021, making her one of the big name powerhouses who repurchased the mullet pattern.

22. Doja Cat’s Stylish Mullet Look

Style and glitz was most certainly Doja Cat’s energy for the 2021 Grammy Awards. Her cutting edge mullet highlighted miniature bangs, shag-like layers and a long back – a conclusive style explanation for a glitz occasion!

23. Úrsula Corberó’s Pixie-ish Mullet Style

Cash Heist star, Úrsula Corberó, rocks a pixie-like mullet style, which can likewise be prodded and styled for a more restless look. A pixie mullet is great for those needing an adaptable cut that can be styled in various ways.

24. Debby Ryan’s Chic Cut

A relaxed stylish current mullet like Debby Ryan’s is all you want for some style motivation! It’s an ideal consistently look that can likewise be styled in an assortment of ways, as well!

25. Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s Sleek Mullet

An ideal style for those with dainty or fine hair, Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s smooth mullet absolutely carries an alluring energy to any look.

26. Dua Lipa’s Two-Tone Style

Stand apart from the group with a two-tone mullet look like Dua Lipa’s. It’s an inconspicuous mullet and shag blend that most certainly brings cool energies.

27. Rita Ora’s Slicked-Back Faux Mullet Look

Assuming you’re uncertain whether a mullet suits you, let Rita Ora show you the way and evaluate an artificial mullet prior to focusing on the hack!. Her hair was slicked back and styled into a false mullet-ish style, which certainly balanced her general look with a restless glitz style.

28. Joan Jett’s Short Retro Mullet

Another VIP that wore the mullet way back is the incredible stone vocalist, Joan Jett. Her signature, retro look fills in as motivation for the shullet pattern that is acquiring footing and prominence nowadays!

29. Gigi Hadid’s Carefree Mullet Look

Gigi Hadid certainly served us ocean side darling energies with her waxy, finished mullet – a style that is ideal for those needing an easygoing, simple to-style look.

30. Kesha’s Edgy Look with Curly Mullet

One more motivation for the long shullet cut, Kesha styled her marginally “wet-look”, wavy mullet to go with her restless, punk glitz style at this music occasion.

31. Edgy Mullet with Bangs

32. Flair Ended Mullet

33. Au Naturel Mullet

34. Straight Mullet

35. Crimped Mullet

36. Punk Mullet

37. Long and Effortless Mullet

38. Cropped and Chic Mullet

39. Glam Mullet

40. Iconic Mullet

41. Curly Hair Mullet for Thick Hair

42. Mullet for Curly Hair

43. Women Mullet for Curly Hair

44. Curly Mullet with Bangs

45. Curly Blonde Mullet

46. Soft Mullet for Curly Hair Women

47. Mullet for a Curly Hair Type

48. Short Mullet Women Hair

49. Curly Female Mullet

50. Curly Mullet for Older Women

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