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MY FAVORITE SCARF HACKS — Confessions of a Hairstylist

Have you ever tried to create a headband out of a scarf and it refuses to cooperate? Here’s a hack for you that will not only make your scarf headband stay put, but also add a little flavor to the look! Just carve out 5-minutes of your getting ready process and follow these quick steps:



Roll up the scarf to your desired headband width and secure it around your head, leaving the bulk of your hair underneath and some fringe around your face.


Braid the bulk of your hair that is underneath the scarf in the back into a simple strand braid.


Tuck the tail of the braid up, over, and into the scarf, creating that messy bun shape you see above.


Tie the scarf around the bun and spray a little Shine Spray to finish it off!


Want to watch me create this look!?

Click here to follow along and recreate this style with me! 

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